This is his year with Liverpool having to play more fixtures thanks to their return to the Champions League, squad depth will be important and a player of Suso’s immense talent can really provide Liverpool something they haven’t had since Xabi Alonso. In a team that boasts extreme pace, a player that can be the steady heartbeat to let loose the explosive attackers of Raheem Sterling, Daniel Sturridge and Lazar Markovic would provide some much needed balance. Two seasons ago when he made his Liverpool debut, he was found wanting physically, with Brendan Rodgers subbing him off about 60 minutes into each match. He could compete technically but the physicality of the English game was too much, he couldn’t do it on a wet night at the Britannia stadium against Stoke, yet.

Suso has silky skills, he is what we have come to expect from this current and upcoming generation of Spanish footballers. He has a magnificent left-foot, something that Liverpool do not have a lot of. He is versatile which is, in my opinion, his greatest strength. He can play on either wing but where I still believe he could have the most impact for Liverpool is in the middle of the park. I mentioned above Xabi Alonso, Suso will not provide the steel that Xabi did, but he can be the passing metronome that they have missed since his departure. His vision and attacking instincts in the middle of the park could provide Liverpool a great alternative to a more direct Gerrard.

Last season, Rodgers very shrewdly decided that Suso needed game time, so he sent him back to Spain to play for La Liga side Almeria on a season long loan. He grabbed this opportunity with both hands and started twenty-six matches for Almeria, leading the team in assists with seven and contributing another three goals of his own being one of the key reasons why the club avoided relegation. There are already rumours that Suso will be released as part of a deal to sign Alberto Moreno from Sevilla, which might in the end be the best thing for the young Spaniard.

“I really want to be here and play for Liverpool and I’m trying to do my best every day in training and show the manager what I’m capable of,” Suso told the club’s official website.

“I learned a lot during my loan spell and I was playing regular football. I’m not really a young player anymore so I’ve got more responsibilities now and I will work as hard as I can to try and get a chance.”

Many are making this to be a do or die season for Suso’s career, for his Liverpool career this might be a critical season but to make such a broad statement shows the lack of real understanding of the youngster’s talent and potential. Suso turns 21 this November, a tender age for a player of his particular style. Watch him closely this season, Brendan Rodgers is great at developing talent and he hasn’t had a more prodigious talent then Suso.

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3 thoughts on “Are Suso’s Liverpool Days Numbered?

  • August 11, 2014 at 11:10 am

    Probably not, seeing as he signed a new contract last week?

  • August 11, 2014 at 11:14 am

    We already have Coutinho. Suso could be his backup, but he needs to add pace to his game. Coutinho is only a year older, is faster, stronger and better on the ball than Suso, but Suso would make a good understudy / backup for Coutinho. Time for Suso to step up.

  • August 11, 2014 at 2:23 pm

    Suso should stay, and it’s high time he was given a chance, he offers a lot, in three years time he’ll save at lease 20 /30 million buying a player for his position. And look at the impact sterling made.. I’ve got faith in suso just as I had faith in Gerard when he first started out!


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