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Charly Rexach always used to yell at us: “Not one-touch football! Half-touch football!
Xavi on training at La Masia

When this philosophy is ingrained into footballers as soon as they can walk you get some of the greatest football seen in the modern era. The evolution of this tiki-taka football began in Holland from 1969-1973, with the tactical theory known as totaalvoetbal. This system of play in which any outfield player had to be capable of taking up any position on the pitch was innovated by the great Rinus Michels, the famous Dutch manager who managed Ajax and the Netherlands at the time of totaalvoetbal’s conception.

Michels then moved to take the reins at FC Barcelona and was joined by Johan Cruyff only a year later. This Dutch influence on Spanish football that was helped to be established through the resulting success that FC Barcelona had under the guidance of Johan Cruyff, has led to the football we now see all over Spain. FC Barcelona are still the ambassadors of Total Football in Spain, but the national team and many other clubs teams have adopted similar styles in recent years.

This blog is about shedding some light on the next generations of Spanish footballers who are going to be carrying on this legacy of beautiful football. I will bring you news, commentary and analysis on the various youth levels of Spain’s national team, ranging from the Olympic U-23 level, all the way down to U-16. During the club football season I will constantly be bringing you profiles of some of the teenagers impressing in their respective academies as well as following a select few youngsters on a week to week basis. I will bring you news on the major youth tournaments in Spain and abroad and even profile some of the most prolific academies developing the next generation of talent. There will never be a lack of content and if you want to get involved I am always looking for passionate supporters of Spanish football. If you are not a writer but just enjoy reading about the footballers of the future you can get involved too, please read, retweet, and share what you find here, every bit is appreciated.

Key Terms:

Cantera – Literally meaning “quarry” in Spanish. This is a term used in Spain to refer to youth academies and farm teams organized by sports clubs.
Canterano – Refers to players that have graduated from a club’s cantera.
La Furia Roja & La Roja – Literally meaning “The Red Fury or The Red” in Spanish. These terms both refer to the Spanish national team.

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